Review: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry


Peter Fonda as Larry Rayder, Susan George as Mary Coombs,
Adam Roarke as Deke Sommers, Lynn Borden as Evelyn Stanton.

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is a classic b-movie. I would not recommend it for children, however, due to the kidnapping scene which has some nudity.

This is a 70’s action flick, well a high octane car chase movie with a twist ending.

Ditzy yet agressive blonde Mary and Larry, two lovers, together with Larry’s mechanic Deke, kidnap the wife and daughter of a supermarket owner, and make off with the ransom in their 69 Dodge Charger. They get chased for miles and miles, by various police cars and helicopters.

The sheriff attempts to capture them and we can see how he attempts to manipulate them when he finds out they have been listening to
the cops CB radio transmissions.

The movie is a memorable one with an intelligent script and will keep you stuck to your seats. You can see Deke’s empathy when
he removes the tape from the kidnapped girl’s mouth so that she can breathe better. An interesting thing about the movie is that there is
no incidental music throughout it. On the Internet I read about how Lynn Borden had a near death experience a few years after making this
movie. You won’t see the ending coming, I promise. And I won’t spoil it for you.

This movie has been released on DVD on June 28th 2005. You can order it from
Amongst other extras, the DVD features a commentary by director John Hough, and a new documentary which interviews the director and
stars Peter Fonda and Susan George. Now it has been reissued in a dvd road film pack with 3 similar movies – DMCL comes with the remake of vanishing point and another movie.

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