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Traci Lords as Ellen Reed, Jorge Rivero as Vito Malta, Zach Galligan as Rick, and Philip Troy as Charlie Read.

ICE is a direct-to-video movie. Not all movies of this kind are great. This thriller is worth viewing however as light entertainment.
In the lead role of Ellen, Traci Lords plays a tough woman who with her husband Charlie (Troy) steals diamonds worth millions
from mafia boss Malta (Rivero), whilst working for insurance companies to recover stolen diamonds. Charlie has no intention of
returning the diamonds for a measly $50,000, so he convinces Ellen (with a shower scene) to sell them to her debt-ridden brother Rick (Galligan).
Rick is constantly getting himself in trouble, and ends up getting the diamonds in the hands of another local mob group.
The detective investigating the case ends up in love with her, which is how she can try to get her revenge on the mafia boss…

The ending is a bit unreasonable – my preferred ending would have had the diamonds getting blown up. Still, it wasn’t a waste of time viewing. The DVD was issued in 2006.

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