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Movie Review: Speed


Keanu Reeves as Officer Jack Traven, Dennis Hopper as Howard Payne, Sandra Bullock as Annie Porter and Jeff Daniels

If you’re a Sandra Bullock fan, you should get this movie. In my opinion it is one of the best movies she has ever done. THE NET is close, but I prefer this one. This movie is about a bus which a terrorist (of the local kind though) has rigged a bomb on, a bomb which will explode if it slows down. Hopper plays mad terrorist Howard Payne and never lets us down. Keanu who is now best known as Neo in the Matrix, gives an excellent performance in this movie. Sandra Bullock plays a bus driver who has had her driving license suspended due to her overspeeding, yet she ends up having to drive this speeding bus!

Payne, the bomber, wants 3.7 million dollars and so he puts bombs on a lift (elevator for you americans), asks for money or he will let the lift crash down to the last floor.
But Jack intervenes and saves the people in the lift. Payne, angry, decides to get his revenge by putting bombs on a bus and asks for more money.

This movie spawned many other action flicks including the lacklustre sequel Speed 2: Cruise Control. For me this movie is in continuity and the sequel isn’t. The sequel to this movie exists in a parallel universe for me. For me, there is only Speed 1 and no Speed 2.

The Director Jan deBont gives a great action ride and the adrenaline keeps flowing. I have watched it a number of
times now and I never tire of watching it. That can tell you something.

There is great chemistry between Keanu and Sandra. You can see it. One movie
which can be recommended.

Speed has now been released on Blu-Ray:

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