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Ambra was called the successor to Lorella Cuccarini, her idol.
The most hated or liked from the italian cult tv show of the 90’s “Non E’ La Rai”, the girl with the “pink satchel” – the one callers had to guess what was its contents.
As a singer she had a number of hits in Italy and released three CD albums in addition to the string of albums released by “Non E’ La Rai” (though it was not really her singing on the NELR albums…).

She was ‘discovered’ by the talent scout (amongst other things) Gianni Boncompagni (producer of various shows including Macao).
She has presented “Non E’ La Rai” (originally a Canale 5 programme 1992-1993, then subsequently Italia 1 1993-1995) developing her own ‘AMBRA STYLE’ and a cult personality favourite with teenagers all over Italy and even other parts of Europe. In Non E’ La Rai, most of the girls including Ambra would appear to sing, but other singers would dub their voices instead! Boncompagni
would ‘suggest’ to Ambra using an earset, telling her what she should say or do. At seventeen years in 1994, she won a Telegatto award (the much coveted Italian tv equivalent of the Emmy Award), for “New Personality of the Year”.

Subsequently on 22nd and 23rd February 1996 she presented “Generation X” (Italia 1 1995-1996) on Italian television. She has co-presented DopoFestival Sanremo ’96 (discussion after the song festival itself) together with Pippo Baudo.
By 1995 there was a movie made about her called “Alla Ricerca di Ambra” (In Search of Ambra).
The main actor Toni De Biase plays the part of a youth who is totally into Ambra Angiolini. He tells his ‘secret’ to a politician. The movie was directed by Gianni Volpe, Ambra does not
appear in this movie.
She appeared in the TV-movie “Favola” (directed by Fabrizio De Angelis) transmitted on Thursday 4th April 1996 on Italia 1 at 20:30 in the part of Teresa
(rerun on Tuesday 19th May 1998, Italia 1 at 10:20am and more recently on satellite – Happy Channel ). Recently she
was presenting “Super” and “Non Dimenticate Lo Spazzolino da Denti” (the italian version of Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, on Italia 1 up to 5/1/97). The latter was even described
by the Canale 5 programme “Target” as an example of “trash tv” due to certain activities which were being carried out in the programme!

For a time she was presenting no tv programmes except for the occasional programmes such as the Prince’s Trust concert in the UK. In 2004 she worked extensively in Italian clubs and took part in a theatrical production. She came to MALTA on 26th September 1998 on the 1.30pm flight from Rome and did a mini-show in the fourth edition of the song festival Ilhna Ghal Ghada (Voices for Tomorrow).
She sung some of her more popular songs and afterwards presented awards to the festival winners. The festival was held at the Catholic Institute, Floriana, Malta on Saturday 26th September ’98 at 6.30pm.

She appeared in programmes of Maurizio Costanzo and Piero Chiambretti, since November 98 she presented (for some time) a radio programme called Capriccio.
On 10th June 1999 her new single Canto allo luna was released. 17th June 1999 marked her first great return to tv with Gratis, a summer programme of RAIUno. In January 2000 she presented Finalmente 2000, a variety with Gianfranco D’Angelo and Eleonora Brigliadori. This did not last and her appearances became sporadic. In 2004 she presented the Miss Italia prefinals. However it looked like she had given up tv.
In 2005 she co-presented COMINCIAMO BENE ESTATE, a morning talk-show about the summer, on RAI 3.
Funnily enough: I found an old magazine with some Ambra photos I had scanned a decade ago. I will be rescanning at 48bits this time of course! Expect some updated classic photos of Ambra…

Date of Birth: 22nd April 1977 (she did say in an interview she was born in 1978 once though)

Place of Birth: Rome

Starsign: Taurus

Height: 1.75m

Family: Barbara and Andrea are her brother and sister respectively.
Ambra is married to italian singer Francesco Renga. She has a daughter called Jolanda, born on 2nd January 2004 (7.06am) in a hospital in Brescia.
Currently Resides at: Montemario, Rome

Favourite tv character: Dylan McKay (played by Luke Perry) of Beverly Hills 90210
Favourite colour: Blue


 2014 Un Natale Stupefacente come Se stessa
 2009 CEN'e' Per Tutti come Eva
 2009 X-Factor (Tv series) as Herself
 2008 TRL Italy (Tv series) as Herself
 2008 Black and White aka Bianco e Nero come Elena
 2008 Quelli Che.. Il Calcio (Tv series) as Herself
 2007 The Fox and the Child aka La Volpe e la Bambina come Narrator
 2007 Saturn in Opposition aka Saturno Contro come Roberta
 2007 Quelli Che.. Il Calcio (Tv series) as Herself
 2005 Cominciamo Bene L'estate (Tv series) as Herself
 2004 Miss Italia Pre-finals (Tv series) as Herself
 2001 Gian Burrasca (tv movie) come Luisa, Gian's sister
 2000 Mary Magdalene aka Amici di Gesu' - Maria Maddalena aka Jesus-Legenden: Maria Magdalena (tvmovie) come Salome'
 2000 Il Processo (tv movie) come Se stessa
 2000 Finalment 2000 (Tv series) as Herself
 1999 Gratis (Tv series) as Herself
 1997 Non Dimenticate Lo Spazzolino Da Denti (Tv series) as Herself
 1997 Super (Tv series) as Herself
 1996 DopoFestival Sanremo '96 (Tv series) as Herself
 1996 Favola (tv movie) come Teresa
 1995 Generation X (Tv series) as Herself
 1992 Non E' La Rai (Tv series) as Herself

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